Startup Incubation

Foreseen as world’s 5th most powerful economies by 2030, Indonesia possess so much potential to optimize, especially in our financial industry. It's globally known that this particular industry is relatively slow to catch up with digital shifting, even though it’s the core of many other industries. Indonesia's new players in financial industry also seem to rise individually and sporadically. This has to change.

BNVLabs incubation program is designed for Indonesian early-stage startups, especially in fintech, by providing the essential resources they need. It is initiated by Bank Bukopin, who has more than 40 years experience in financial industry and has a strong focus on SMEs, in collaboration with KIBAR, a tech-startup ecosystem builder.

End-to-End Ecosystem Connection

Be connected with startup ecosystem where you can also tap into the pool of talents in programming and design. For fintech startups with critical needs for financial data and infrastructure support, relax, we got your back.

Market Access

Get the chance to access our vast network of customers and strategic partners nationwide if you are able to convince us with a solid go-to-market strategy.

Business Support Services

Assist your startup with support services like legal, tax/finance, IT, and recruitment advisory.

Access to Coworking Space

Work in the biggest coworking space in the heart of Jakarta which is the hub where curated communities of startup founders, creatives, futurists, thinkers—you name it—can brainstorm and collaborate together.


Access the network of industry experts range from serial entrepreneurs and C-levels who have deep-rooted experience in Indonesian market. Get advices and feedbacks on strategic issues which are critical to the development of your business.

Capacity Building Programs

Join the series of workshop and mentoring sessions which cover your startup needs, ranging from business related, product development, to soft-skills matter.