BNVLabs incubation program is designed for Indonesian early-stage startups, especially in fintech, by providing the essential resources they need. It is initiated by Bank Bukopin, who has more than 40 years experience in financial industry and has a focus on SMEs, in collaboration with KIBAR, a tech-startup ecosystem builder.

All tech startups are welcome to apply! However, we focus on early and growth-stage startup with at least a beta technology/product, especially those which will benefit from the access and relationships at the Bank Bukopin and our program’s participating partners. We are also interested in growth stage startups who have a product being deployed outside financial services that are keen in entering the vertical of financial services.

To begin, you must fill out the application. Next, we will evaluate and select those who can advance to the next stage which is interview through a video conference. In some cases, a face to face interview will be conducted as well.

You can apply to BNVLabs anytime, but we only accept startups in batches.

No, we will not sign an NDA because there’s nothing you have to worry regarding the idea you have. We have reviewed too many ideas which are alike and we believe the competitive advantage is mostly laid in how you execute the idea. Actually, the more open you are about your idea the better we will be able to evaluate it.

Long way to go, we’re going to talk about this later after you’re being accepted.

We will set mentoring sessions regularly with many mentors which cover different topics based on our incubator curriculum. You are encouraged to connect and build the trust and relationship with the mentors on your own. However, please note that the mentors in our network are the top notch C levels, which means that they’re also very tied up with their work and much in demand.

If you want to maximize the value of mentors, then it’s 100% up to you to do so. Turns out that’s pretty much the case with everything you’re going to do as a startup founder. At the end of the day, even with investors, employees, advisors, parents, friends, support groups, etc. all around you, it’s up to you.

We prefer to choose teams who have co-founders who have a balanced skillset on running a sustainable business. We believe that a team that consists of hustler, hipster, and hacker is the best mix of talents.

Yes. It is necessary that you’re located on site during the whole program, where you can benefit from many learning opportunities through mentoring, networking, startup events, and coaching that will be provided. You’ll also never know who will drop by the space in any given time and willing to share their experiences.

This program requires a high commitment, where founders are expected to meet their own deadlines and targets to get the company running. However, since it’s your company, you decide what’s best for your company. If traveling for business or any kind of family matters is urgent and necessary, then go ahead.

Well, at your discretion – we don’t provide a place to live. But, we could help you find some recommendations for housing.

As we mentioned before, and we will never stop mentioning it: We prefer founders who have a passion and appetite in solving a real problem in our great nation, and create a meaningful innovations. A team with a strong background is a great plus. A team who have expertise or experience in the industry that they’re trying to solve, and also a team with a strong and supportive skills. A good working early prototype is good, but if you can demonstrate early traction or provide data points to validate your core assumptions, are much better.

Yes, you can apply to the program even if you have received funding. If you have, please be sure to include details regarding past rounds of financing.

There is no fee to apply or participate in this program. However, personal expenses must be covered by the teams.

Couldn’t find the answer you were looking for? Send us an email at hello@bnvlabs.com and we’ll get back to you shortly!

A typical day at BNVLabs will most likely be working in an office/school settings. You need to push yourself to get your own work done, meet a lot of different people, test designs, create a plan or strategy, etc. Remember, it’s your company. We are not your boss, we don’t tell you what to do, but we create an environment to help your startup grow, and get connected to the relevant stakeholders.

On the other hand, you need to meet the mentors get some ideas or guidance through several sharing sessions, and workshops. Also, throughout the program, expect some events and plenary program sessions with our mentors and experts that will be held, and it’s open for you to attend. We have created this environment to help you to take the most out of it!

Yes, you are expected to work from the main office but if you have things to do elsewhere or meetings outside the house, we won't hold you back. In fact we encourage you to go out, meet and talk to potential customers and users as much as possible to get insights and ideas.